Federal new markets tax credit funds

Certified as a Community Development Entity by the US Treasury Department, AMCREF has received eight allocations of Federal New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) totaling $437.5 million. These funds are used finance operating businesses located in Low-income communities (LICs). AMCREF targets startup, early-stage, and innovative businesses and projects that generate employment opportunities while providing environmental, economic and community benefits.

CORE NMTC Fund 2008-Present Disaster Recover / Go-zone Fund
Status: Actively Investing Fully Invested
Size: $365.5 million $72 million
States Served: - Alabama
- Florida
- Georgia
- Louisiana
- Tennessee
- Texas
- West Virginia
- Arkansas
- Mississippi
- North Carolina
- South Carolina
- Virginia
- Alabama
- Louisiana
- Mississippi
Geographic Focus: Rural Communities, as defined by CDFI Fund Areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina (the Gulf Opportunity Zone)
Mission/ Objective: Support businesses that create quality jobs and provide environmental benefits Support rebuilding and growth after Hurricane Katrina
Targeted Industries: - Green manufacturers
- Recyclers
- Clean energy projects
- Sustainable forestry
- Energy efficiency and waste reduction at traditional businesses
- Non-profits or community facilities with environmental benefits
- Businesses rebuilding smarter and more sustainably after Katrina
- Cleantech industries

State new markets tax credit funds

AMCREF has been awarded $65 million in state-targeted NMTC funds and has particular expertise combining state NMTCs with federal NMTCs.

Alabama Florida Kentucky Mississippi Nebraska
Status: Fully Invested Fully Invested Fully invested Fully Invested Actively Investing
Fund Size: $27.4 million $11.2 million $9.3 million $18.1 Million $14.8 Million

Advisory Services

  • Renewable Energy Financing

    AMCREF assists renewable energy projects with sourcing, structuring and closing federal and regional renewable energy incentive financing programs such as the Federal Production Tax Credit (PTC), and Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

  • General Advisory

    AMCREF can draw on its extensive experience gained from closing complicated tax credit transactions to assist companies and developers source, structure and close tax credit investments.

  • Conservation Easements

    AMCREF can assist landowners realize cash value from conservation easements, allowing owners to protect their property, even when they are unable to utilize the tax benefits themselves.