December 2013

Recleim SC, LLC


In December 2013, AMCREF Community Capital provided $10 million of NMTC financing to Recleim SC, LLC. Recleim is developing the United States’ first state-of-the-art appliance demanufacturing and commodity recovery facility. Recleim is located in the small town of Graniteville, SC, which was devastated by a 2005 train derailment. The derailment resulted in 9 fatalities, 60 serious injuries, and bankruptcy of the town’s primary employer, leading to a loss of 1,500 local jobs. Graniteville is still trying to recover and Recleim, as the first major employer to occupy the accident site since the derailment, is providing a symbol of hope and recovery. Recleim is expected to create 288 new direct FTE jobs paying above average wages and providing full benefits. Recleim’s system is based on proven technology that has been used in over 60 installations globally. The facility will recycle over 30,000 tons of appliances annually and is capable of demanufacturing many types of appliances and electronics, with a particular focus on refrigerators.


  • Job Creation and Support: Recleim estimates it will create 200 direct FTEs at the plant, 88 direct trucking FTEs and 35 direct construction jobs. Recleim will provide full benefits, job training and pay average annual wages well above the local living wage. Most direct FTEs are green manufacturing jobs well suited for and targeted to local residents.
  • Environmental Benefits: Recleim’s process will recover 95% of the insulating foam in refrigerators; reduce typical landfill waste of the appliance by at least 85%; lower greenhouse gas and ozone-depleting emissions recovered from foam insulation compared to current technologies; and recover high-quality plastics, aluminum, copper and steel that can be used to make new products. Responsibly recycling 1 refrigerator reduces CO2 emissions by 10 tons (= 2 cars off the road for a year). The facility will also reduce the burden on local landfills.
  • Community Support and Impacts: Recleim will be the first major employer in the area devastated by the train accident, helping to revitalize the local community and economy. The project is strongly endorsed by local community leaders, county council, senators, and regional EDOs. Recleim is working with the local community college to train local residents for its jobs.
  • Economic / Catalytic Effects: The project received significant support from regional EDOs and supports SC’s efforts to remain a national leader in the recycling industry. Recleim also supports multiple regional appliance manufacturers (large local employers), who are facing increasing restrictions on disposal of appliances. Recleim anticipates building many additional facilities throughout the US.